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    HOW CAN WE HELP?   0086 13827470839   |   rd15@xing-ye.com   |   (86-755)27562506  
    R&D Test Center.
    X&Y has about 50,000+m2 of modernized workshop ,our totally enclosed clean room workshop has been equipped with the world's most advanced ultrasonic/laser cutting machine,ultraclean laudering and drying machine,etc.
    Our test center has the world's advanced testing equipments and a great number of experienced testing engineers.They strictly control the quality for the whole processing and production to ensure the quality of the products.The testing of contamination characteristics includes: Fibers,LPC,APC,Ion,NVR,Sorptive properties,Silicone oil,Amide and DOP etc.



    We offer several other product lines and can even develop products to meet your needs and solve problems you may have experiencedwith competing products. Get in touch with us today>

    Product Patent




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    Contact X & Y Industrial Co., Ltd
    Tel: 0755 27806543#8047
    Mob/WhatsApp/Wechat: 0086 13422870210
    FAX:0755-27808350 / 27568435
    E-mail:rd15@xing-ye.com / marketing-sz@xing-ye.com
    Address: Zedali Science & Technology Park,Tangwei,Fuyong,
    Bao'an District,Shenzhen China
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